Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Park Life

Yesterday it was positively icy and we avoided the outdoors almost altogether. The babe continues with her terrible cold which has now moved to include her chest. She's not completely miserable, but her eyes are watery and red, her nose is completely crusted up and a complete no go zone as far as she's concerned. As you know though, two days inside with small ones is enough so this afternoon we took snacks to the park.

We have two parks nearby, the monkey park and the kinder park. The first is named after the theme of Ella's 2nd birthday party which was held there. The second is opposite her kinder and that's where we went today. There are always other kids there to play with and even if they're not in her class they're in one of the classes and therefore automatically "a friend".

I had all three of us completely rugged up, ready to face the icy breeze, we stepped outside and it was almost balmy, a glorious afternoon. We would have left the house before 3pm if I'd realised.

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