Thursday, January 02, 2014


Today she accrued 7 years.  She wished for a day with her family, starting with water slides after breakfast, chicken sandwiches at home with us, Nan & Pa for lunch to be followed by pasta with bacon, mozzie and olives for dinner.  Her requested cake was lemon cupcakes with very lemony icing.  Her birthday wishes included "a garden for my window" which we planted together this afternoon.

She is ever so thoughtful, proactively helpful around the house and garden, tender hearted, creative with a gorgeous singing voice and graceful limbs.  We is now 7 so there is some rather cheeky sass entering the equation, but still my baby remains in her cuddles and snuggles.

Beautiful Leila, our love, Happy Birthday.

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ashley said...

She is beautiful in a flower crown perfectly fit for a princess. X