Monday, January 06, 2014


Kristi giving up her blog has really touched me.  It feels like the end of an era.  Perhaps that may sound silly, if you're just dipping into blogs for the first time, but I never realised what they could come to mean to you.

I consider myself if not old then definitely middle school.  I started my blog 6 years ago and back then it wasn't so common, or at least those that were around were more homely.  My blog has always been for me and that means not commercialised and honestly not even that polished, but good enough for us.  These days it seems that the standard of mum blogs has gone through the roof.  I'm not sure if they have far greater skills than me or are paying for help, but wowee, some of these are super polished and have all kinds of labels and categories!  Many of the blogs I used to follow have dropped right off, perhaps as their own children are getting older.

My children are no longer babies.  Leila was not yet 1 when I started and she's now 7.  My focus was only on my children and all their tiny little landmarks.  There are still plenty of landmarks, many of them huge, but focusing on them isn't quite right anymore.  It's relevant to me, but I don't think I feel the same desire, or entitlement, to share.

I'm going to shift my little space more towards me, which you may not like as much, but it's always been for me so I'll be okay if I don't hold your interest.  I'll still join in the 52 project as I love that memory for the years to come. I love the blogs of Rebecca, Rachel and Sarah.  They all have incredible voices.  They love words and are so wonderful at sharing them, so skilled.  They focus on their interests (aside from children) and I love that too.  I'm going to try and share more of me, Victoria, and see if in doing so it helps me to find more of myself, for myself.

Photos of some gorgeous new Marimeeko ttowels Geoff bought me for Christmas.


Miss Muggins said...

I too, wonder much of the same things as you, Victoria. my girls too have moved on in age (19 and almost 16) and I'm not sure that their lives are mine to blog so much anymore. I wonder about my purpose as a blogger, and then i remind myself i do it for to document my life and my crafty stuff. As far as I go, i would love to get to know Victoria a bit more xx

Jo said...

Sounds perfect to me. I need to get a wriggle on mine too, it's too easy to IG and FB and call it done, but I don't think I'm ready to give up on these old/middle school blogs of ours yet either. I look forward to reading whatever you choose to put in the space and I'm thankful that it's because of this space that I can now call you my friends. xx