Wednesday, January 22, 2014


It's a long journey we've taken together thus far, him and me.  I was 25 when we met, he was 24, before too many years pass we will have spent half our lives together.

We're very different, in many ways.  At times I've focused more on our differences than how we are alike. We don't have the same interests in all things, I can't stand watching sport and he doesn't stitch for relaxation. He exercises most days and I talk about exercising most days.  He often comes at discussions from a rational viewpoint, which naturally clashes with my emotional viewpoint.

We do however, share the same love of each other and our family.  We have the same dreams of more time together and a life more in balance.  We both try our hardest to support each other even when times are really tough and for the most part, we both succeed.

I've loved this man for a long time, those gentle soft hands, his forgiving spirit.  We both wish for something different in one main aspect of our lives this year, something largely outside of our control.  It's those things that are the hardest to manage, those things that you want so badly but can't predict or control, the frustrations, the disappointments, it can be hard to manage those hurts.

We have a lot to focus on, to get us through.  We have an amazing family, our girls especially make us both so happy and so proud.  We'll focus on the great stuff, there's plenty of it, focus hard on that and patiently wait on the other wheels to turn.

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