Saturday, December 28, 2013


I love the colours in these images.  Boxing Day and a trip to Maroondah Dam.  One day, if there ever is such a day, if I come into money, I will seek out an artist who paints sky/cloudscapes which are like lying on the grass gazing at the sky.  I love clouds, of all sorts.  On this day it was the white to dark grey and all the shades between that I loved so, somewhat mirroring the dam wall.

One of my most loved people is going through a very tough time and I'm so very far away from her.  I love her so, and it's torturous to not be able to hold her hand through this process.  I am a fixer, by nature, I find it hard to not be able to manage situations, to help people find a way through, but there are things we sometimes just have to do alone.  My love is always with her, I'm always here, if I'm not there.  There are clouds here and clouds where she is, so we will focus on those things somewhat joining us and I'll try my best to help her through the rest of it.

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Sandy said...

I hope things will end up well for your beloved friend. Chin up and be strong.