Saturday, June 22, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Ella    Reading "The Hobbit" up a tree in my parent's back yard.
Leila  My baby with my niece's baby Aurelia.

When I was about Ella's age we had a gnarly old apple tree in our backyard and it was one of my favourite places to spend time.  I would look for fairy keys in dandelion heads so I could open the fairy's front door and peek inside.  I would take my books or drawing things up into the tree and sit and sit and sit.  This reminded me so much of myself today, although I didn't get a hot cup of sweet tea brought to me in a Keepcup, but hey, that's progress.

Being our younger child, Leila hasn't been around small children as much as Ella, so it's a less comfortable situation for her, but one I know she'd love to have more of.  Our lovely Aurelia lives in the NE of Victoria so we don't see her often, but I know how much Leila would enjoy a little more mothering time.  She may be a little shy to begin with, but she's such a nurturer, she would love more baby time.


Sophie Allen said...

I just love the tree photo! SO cool. What a cool kid. Your youngest looks a bit overwhelmed! lovely.

Anonymous said...

Love the first shot!!