Sunday, June 23, 2013


On Thursday night Geoff I lay in bed together talking about Flatty.  Only naturally we tried to imagine ourselves facing a similar situation and wondered what we would want our life to look like, if we had to measure our time.  We talked about making the most of our lives, together, our small family, making it as amazing as it can and should be.  Life can get in the way and we all get tired.  It's easy to let weekends evaporate in a haze of just hanging around.  That's fine, sometimes, but making the effort to explore, to share experiences, that is the stuff you remember and laugh about in times to come.

 So today we explored our own home town.  Of course it's something we've done before, but not for a while.  We started at Fed Square and checked out the Pop Up Patch.  I don't doubt that it's a lovely idea, but did find myself thinking that $100 a month rental is pretty steep, I mean seriously, price the small amount of vegies they can grow by the time you figure in those overheads.  It's cute, but not really a serious endeavour, there are better ways.

We had lunch together and Ella surprised us yet again with her adventurous menu choices.  She's so good in that regard.  She may not like everything she tries, but she'll give it a go and Leila too, if not quite as much.  Life is easier in that regard as they get a little older.

We wandered the laneways, did some shopping, a little treat for us girls and some work clobber for dad.  Finishing it off with a well earned coffee.  I love my guys, they're great company, good fun, I'm lucky, I never ever take that for granted x

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