Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Fresh bread should really be rested for a good half hour (at least) before you cut into it.  With a sharp knife it's not the crust that's the problem, but the crumb inside needs to relax, else it kind of balls up and sticks together if it's still hot.  The smell though, my oh my, one of my favourite aromas in all the world, how can you honestly be expected to resist?

As a child my mum would bake all our bread and insist I waited, probably only a few moments, before she cut the end crust for me.  Most delicious hot, with butter dripping from it, such a treat every single time.  Even now it's my treat.  The girls aren't fans of crust and I haven't bothered selling the virtues of a fresh crust to them because, frankly, I don't want to share!

Now fresh baked rolls, they're crusted all round and have more combined surface area (with a slight bowl like curve) to contain the generous amounts of melting butter that I consider a necessity with my bread.  Sometimes when you cook something, as the cook you give a kind of mmm reaction, as in it's okay, but bread, no my bread gets me every time.


CC said...

Yum! Your rolls and bread look delicious as always. I've been baking bread more and more of late. It's not as hard as I thought and often easier than dragging everyone off to the shops. And, um, yes, I don't think the bread ever gets to rest for half an hour here.

Sandy said...

Yum! Love the polaroid look!

Kiki said...

Looks delicious. I'd have one piece straight up with butter and the next with jam, raspberry jam :)