Wednesday, April 10, 2013


These school holidays have seemed longer when combined with Easter.  It hasn't added too many extra days, but perhaps having daddy around at the start makes it feel more special.

A family member has had an operation to assist him in his health struggle.  A dear friend has had reconstructive surgery after her fight with cancer last year.  A dear friend has moved away to the peninsula, starting a wonderful new chapter in her family's life.  My own family are in heady deliberations on a home move.  The girls are health and happy, as are Geoff and I.

The holidays have included many sleep ins, cuddly morning starts.  We've pottered a lot, read, talked, squabbled, but it's so nice, the luxury of this extra time together, and so nice that I'm here for it full time x


Sandy said...

I love school holidays as well. I love any extra days to relax with family. Glad you had a good one!

Miss Muggins said...

A move sounds exciting! So sad the holidays are almost over.

Kristi said...

lots of people seem to be working through heavy things, it's happening around my circle of friends too. maybe it's to help us be a bit more compassionate and grateful.