Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I was reading through my old journals over the weekend, from the time when I was doing this course, and this one, while we were based in London.

These days I write lists, to-dos, but re-reading my journals has reminded me of my enthusiasm for writing at that time.  Finally committing time and money to nurturing something I've made time for all my life.  I remember looking into the writing course at RMIT when we were considering moving home, wondering if I could really do it, if I could make that my life, if I'd be good enough.  We then found out we were expecting Ella, which could never be a regret in a thousand lifetimes, but it did change my focus.  Now though, now it's different.  I'm reminded of the absolute pleasure I felt when I made writing my focus.  I have lots of paper and more than enough pens, the rest is up to me.


Sandy said...

That's really fantastic. You should pursue it.

Emily said...

It's a hard path but a (mostly) happy one. Writers Victoria might have some classes to get you going again - they're pretty good. Go for it!