Sunday, May 13, 2012


The morning began with half an hour in bed, listening to the rabble of organised breakfast chaos in the kitchen.  "I want to pour the juice", "Can I put the sugar in her coffee?".

I got to drink all my coffee, I had a sip of juice before sharing with the girls.  Ditto my toast with lime marmalade "Your homemade bread is my favourite mum".  I was spoiled with homemade treasures and a few school stall delights - everything I never knew I wanted.

Although clearly not his mother, Geoff came up with a lovely idea for our Mother's Day treat.  We went to Crafternoon where we had breakfast and then did some crafting.  It's a great idea, although I don't think I could manage such a venue, the girls there are far more patient with the children of others than I feel I could be! 

After our craftfast.... we did a little fooling around in the surrounding backstreets - the girls thought it an adventure walking down the cobbled laneways.  Great settings for you Jo!

Not sure where the rest of the day has gone - a flurry of games, in and out of rain showers, now about to tuck into a hot family dinner.

I love being a mother, more than anything I've ever done before or anything that could ever come after.  My girls are a credit to themselves and I guess as a flow on to Geoff and I.  You think you can never love them more than you do at that very moment and yet every year you do.

Thank you girls, for having me as your mum.

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CC said...

Great photos. Sounds like a lovely Mothers' Day. I had never heard of Crafternoon before. Look like fun. I might have to make the trip across the river some time.