Friday, May 11, 2012


I was working at a company called Nexis in the building on the corner of Nicholson and Victoria Parade.  On the Saturday before I'd met a guy at a basketball match I went to with a girlfriend.  We met in the hospitality room after the match and talked for perhaps 10 minutes tops before his friend whisked him away.  He made a big impression on me, this stranger I met for 10 minutes.

We pursued he and his friend to the Lizard Lounge in Chapel Street, but missed them by minutes.  Downhearted I went home to my apartment in Carlisle Street and wondered about what might have been.

On the Monday morning I woke determined to find my handsome stranger.  My girlfriend knew the person he attended basketball with and before lunch that day I had a name and a phone number.  My intention had actually been for my number to end up in his hands, but this was probably better.

At the very moment when the phone was ringing on the desk of a new graduate at Merrill Lynch, that very graduate was talking to his friend about the girl he'd met on Saturday night and how he'd missed his chance with her.  He interrupted his conversation to answer the phone and guess who was on the other end?

For our first date, some 17 years ago today, we met at the Kino and bought tickets to see Farinelli.  We then went for a quick dinner nearby, Malaysian I think, before returning for the movie.  After the movie we went to Florentinos cellar bar for a night cap before catching a taxi home.  I remember sitting in the back of the cab, all aglow while Tina Arena's "Sorrento Moon" played on the radio.  Silly I know, so dated, but listening to it now, could there have been a song more apt?

So began our courtship.  For 17 years I've loved this man.  I chose him from the moment we met and that resolve, the belief that he is the only one for me, despite every challenge we face, it never ever waivers.  Bring on the next decade plus 7 my love. xx


Catherine said...

Oh so romantic, it sounds like it was meant to be. I had my hubbies number too and made the first call to him and we never looked back. Congratulations on 17 years together and to many, many more. x

Kiki said...

You give me goosebumps when you talk about your love!!

Sandy said...

so sweet!

Lizeylou said...

What a gorgeous story.
Sounds like it was just meant to be.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful post V.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful post V.