Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The girls and I all like these books. Illustrative books showing you the "how to" of various subjects, in this case fairies.

I don't usually get too much input into which character is selected, but am just expected to produce the colouring sheet for them to work on. I enjoy the challenge but invariably they're disappointed with me when I get to the facial features. I can fudge the rest, but I always let them down with my somewhat warped facial features. Leila did 2/3 of this, seriously, before she ran out of steam, over an hour later. The next one on the list is a mother fairy with a baby fairy in her arms, nestled inside a flower in the middle of a whole field of wildflowers!


Julia said...

Wow, what creative talents you both are! Its a gorgeous painting.
Its funny that our kids can sometimes take us and our talents for granted. Does she know that there are some mums that couldn't have drawn the fairy, let alone her facial features? I love that about kids. Mine do it all the time. x

Bek said...

Awesome. Both of you!