Tuesday, April 26, 2011


What a lovely break. The only downside about 5 days at the beach for Easter, is the unpacking and washing when we return home - but I know I'm not alone with that thinking.

Highlights. A lovely house that was so comfortable, quiet and kept the girls entertained no end. They jumped from trampoline, to hammock to swing set.

The Easter bunny found us again and the girls loved every moment of their hunt. Leila still had pictures to work out this year, but Ella's was made up of words jumbles in 2011. Clever bunny.

Flying Easter kites on the beach - the adults literally begging turns from the smaller ones.

St Andrews beach as lovely as ever.

Geoff and sneaking a quick hike, this time down to Fingal Beach. So much good walking in this area, just not enough time. (A heck more steps on the way up than on the way down - or so it seemed!)

Walking the Millionaires Walk in Sorrento and marvelling at how the other half lives.

Toasting marshmallows in our outdoor firepit.

Watching Ella enjoying her half day horsey adventure so very very much.

The obligatory trip to Montalto only to discover they'd sold out of their lovely basil oil.

Enjoying nan and pa's company for some of our stay and playing every board game from solitaire, to tic tac toe and ultimately to Monopoly.

A perfect break - we must book in something else soon.


Nicole said...

you have such a gorgeous family! and i love the photo of the ocean. i am with you about the unpacking...if only there was a sorting and laundry fairy after holidays...

Sarah said...

a change of scenery is always so good...

Looked likes so much fun.

Basil oil... umm you have me intrigued!

Sandy said...

it does look perfect in every way! glad you all had a nice holiday.

Mercie said...

sounds just lovely. the family picture is absolutely perfect and (from what i can tell) sums up your family perfectly. so so sweet.

Kristi said...

you were in my part of victoria. the peninsula is just lovely. your little one looks so much like her dad and ella you...so cute the four of you.

Cat said...

Looks like you had a fabulous holiday. Every time I see a photo of your youngest, Zelda Fitzgerald springs to mind!