Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today we made plastercine figures and probably took twice as long as we spent making cleaning it out from under our nails.

We made some of these little fellas - very cute. We just need to add legs and make a dozen or so more!

We made a trial of one of these with what we had on hand and will buy wire and fishing line tomorrow to get the full effect.

We used some of the lebkuchen spice that Leila chose yesterday to make "jimmy bread men". It's a warmer, richer spice, utterly delicious.

And we found time to chill and rewatch this absolutely gorgeous movie.


Sarah said...

I am going to make some of those chicks as well. Just need to get some wire for the legs. Actually wonder if the hubby has some in his stash...

I have to see that movie - should get it out - the children liked it.

Send some ginger breads over!!!

Keryn said...

Hi V,
Your blog is looking really lovely and sounds like you have been up to lots of nice things of late. Your family shot of the four of you in a previous post is just so beautiful... You must be so proud.
I've been away from blogging for ages, but hope to get some inspiration to write again soon. Just updated a bit tonight.
In regards to your youngest, have you thought about Montessori education? Can lend you some reading material if you are interested... All the best...Keryn

leslie said...

how funny, we took ponyo out of the library a couple of weeks ago and mae LOVES it. i'm pretty fond of it, too - gorgeous imagery and wonderful music - but the little song over the credits gets stuck in my head for days!