Monday, April 11, 2011


Day 1 of the school holidays.

Medi deli for oil, canned tomatoes and cheese.

Gewurzhaus for ancho chilli powder and some spontaneous purchases by the girls.

'Nettis for coffee and cake.

La Latteria for mozzarella.

Rathdowne Cellars to collect a special order.

Casa Iberica for tomatillos and chorizo.

Back to Blackburn for ciabatta with chorizo, mozzarella, homegrown tomatoes and basil.


Jo said...

My, you do get around :) I made do with a side trip to Warrandyte then boring supermarket shopping at Tunstall Square... doesn't really cut it, does it?!?

two little buttons said...

yum yum yum
i have just book marked all the places you listed and the boys and i are off this week for a look, and i imaging some purchases as well.
hope you enjoyed your dinner.

Sandy said...

those places look amazing!