Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I discovered these via Jo using a recipe from here.

I'm not a choc chip girl myself, I'm one of a rare few who looks for the ones with less choc and more sugar biscuit. The demerera makes all the difference in that regard, a lovely crunch that you would otherwise not have. I reduced the chocolate a little (in a half batch only two blocks of lindt one dark and one milk choc - rather than 3) and they were/are perfect.

We packaged a little batch to thank some friends for a lovely play date, but otherwise I know there will be lack of takers here. The salt too, really surprisingly a lovely foil to the sweetness.


mary said...

yum !!! lovely !

two little buttons said...

yum !

PlumStitches said...


Kristi said...

i am totally a chocolate chip cookie girl. i also picked up two mining kits today from amazon in america. michael has a business trip in santa monica soon so he can bring them back. thank you for all the info.