Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Are you a fan of the Oliver + S patterns? If so, check these out - I'm excited. I love everything in their new range, fabrics included. I think I'll try the dress pictured first. Fingers crossed I can do it justice!


CC said...

I love Oliver+S patterns. These patterns look great, too. But I've never sewed any clothing for myself (apart from Year 9 textiles) so I'll let you try it out first...

Michele said...

love it, the style of the dress/tunic and even the colors and pattern on the cover
But would my limited sewing skills be up to it?

Anonymous said...

hi again,

thanks victoria for posting those links they look fab.

i have just celebrated the big 40 and my lovely family are giving me a sewing machine for my birthday - lucky me!

i've been researching models/brands etc..and have found it all very confusing.

what type of machine do you use victoria? would you recommend any special features to look out for?

i love the design of the portfolio tunic(mmm... what a gorgeous green!)



ps: my sewing skills are still pretty limited.although, i do hope to make gifts and more for my little girls.