Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sheet to skirt

I recently donated the girls' cot and change table to charity, but had hung on to the sheets. Although they're well used, they're in perfect condition and so deliciously soft. I'm not sure why I kept them, perhaps to give to friends, but honestly most of our friends have passed the babes in cot phase so they were just sitting there.

I have never managed to find true, what I call, swiss cotton anywhere. That lovely soft fine cotton that is so lovely for childrens clothing. I've bought things made from it, had things myself, but never found any to buy. Today, when Leila spilt a Quelch icy tube down the front of a well loved white dress, as I was bleaching it clean, I thought, the cot sheets. Both my girls have white dresses they love and look gorgeous in, but they take a beating. So, sheets became skirts.

I actually have an old gorgeous soft creamy yellow sheet for our bed that is frayed at the bottom, I might be able to part with it if there's a nice comfy skirt in it for me! Free pattern care of Dana Made.


Jasmine said...

Very sweet! I think I could even have a crack at that pattern. Thanks for the link.

Cute model too! x

Angie said...


I've been so slack at leaving comments lately, but I have been getting to read your blog in large chunks (usually late at night) so in case I don't make it back in time....

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

CC said...

What a lovely, summery skirt. Thank you for the link. I've added it to my (ever growing) to-do list.

CC said...

Sorry, I haven't quite got Blogger figured out yet. I thought it would be easiest to leave this as a comment. The pecan slice is from Delicious Magazine page 39 July 2006. I can email you the recipe if you're interested.

Kiki said...

Would you just look at how gorgeous L is!!! Doesn't she just love her new skirt, see talent right there again! I wish you were my neighbour, I'd be visiting with fabrics and patterns very, very often.