Sunday, November 01, 2009


On a tip from Claire I signed up for the nanowrimo for November. I have gotten out of the discipline of writing for, well far too long, tonight I was motivated. A great idea, the words poured out. Unfortunately I didn't read the instructions well enough and after typing directly into their word count screen, promptly lost my first 250 words. I LOVED those words and now I can't get them back. The anguish of it all - they'll never be that good again, thank god I didn't leave it until I'd done more.


Sandy said...

175 pages! That's very ambitious, but you can do it! Good luck! What's your subject?

Miss Muggins said...

Oh, I feel your pain.

handmade romance said...

oh i feel your pain here too. ive lost work on the computer before that just isnt the same a second time around! so frustration.
thanks for the lovely comment to.
i must check with claire what she ended up with. thanks.

Bek said...

I hate it when that happens!! Hope it's even better the second time around..