Sunday, May 10, 2009

Queen Bee

I finished Ella's quilt last night and I have to say, very satisfying. I was always looking forward to the actual quilting and binding part the most, and I did find it the most enjoyable. I can see why quilt making becomes a habit.

I machine quilted, I am not patient enough to do that by hand. I did buy a quilting foot and experimented with it. I liked the free movement, but found it hard to keep my speed consistent enough to keep the stitch sizes the same. I ended up using the normal foot which meant the stitches were the same size, but the movements not as fluid. It's far from flawless, but I'm really pleased with it. It's a fairly light quilt with only a cotton batting inside, but gosh, it's so snuggy. Leila's next then I've already worded up Geoff that I'm going to make one for our bed, although I had to promise I won't make that from pieces of our old clothes.
When Ella's in dry again I'll post a picture of it on the bed so I show more than just the binding.


Tamara said...

Well done. A huge acheivement, your first quilt.

I tend to use my walking foot and do straight stitch quilting too as it is so hard to regulate the stitches with other foot. Practice would probably make perfect though.

Looks fantastic. And it is adictive isn't it?

leslie said...

so gorgeous, looks soft and cuddly and light, just as a sweet girl's quilt should. and happy mother's day!

KikiMiss said...

Ella's quilt looks divine, well done! I am still amazed at how you make these things look so simple.

Sandy said...

Very lovely quilt! I'm scared of quilting. Maybe I'll try to do a small when when both children are in school.

Cindy said...

It looks so gorgeous and snuggly, I am sure it will be a firm favourtie for a long time

Soo said...

what a gorgeous quilt! It looks so pretty and snuggly, perfect for a little girl!