Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Full Heart

We lived in London for 5 years, but it was now almost 6 years ago. During the time we lived there I found two of the most beautiful women I've known in all my life. You know those friends who don't judge you, who know your shortcomings and love you anyway? Friends you could spend weeks with (although they may disagree); friends you would share things with every day, if only you could; and friends who you can actually tell that you do love them.

The hardest part about leaving London, was leaving these two. I remember calling Lena (the gorgeous blonde Dane) from Heathrow in tears, feeling desperate to be leaving. Kate (with the big brown eyes and dark hair) is English and very different to Lena - but I love them both. This photo was taken in Paris, around May 2003, just before Geoff and I left to come home to await Ella's arrival.
Last week Kate told me that she and her family were coming to Melbourne in March next year, arriving on the 23rd. Today Lena has told me she and her family will be arriving just after Christmas, THIS YEAR. I am so excited about seeing them, but anxious too. Anxious because it's almost like a lover you've missed for so long, I know that once they're here I will be worrying about them leaving.

I have met Lena's daughter, she was about 10 months old when we left, but not her son. I've met Kate's elder son, but not her younger and neither of them have met either of my girls.
For those of you who are lucky enough to have your most beloved females near by - make the most of them, for some of us will be forever oceans apart from those that make us most happy.
Can't wait to see you both! xxx


Jasmine said...

You are so right about valuing the company of our female friends. A handful of my golden girls have come to my rescue with offers of help during our big packathon.

I'll miss our easy catch-ups after the move.

Sandy said...

It's so wonderful to have friends like that.

Christelle said...

I'm happy for you. I know how much they mean to you!

MANDA said...

Hi :-)
Thanks for your kind words over at my blog....ive just returned there.. to find them...
There could be nothing better to do than to enjoy the people you love.. I have my sister here from Japan... sooo nice :-) exciting for you to have your friends coming.

Roseanne said...

I do fill for you. Two of my best friends move away in the same year. One move to melbourne and they other one moved to Queensland I could tell them any think and they would not tell any one. They are true friends and i miss them vey much. we keep in contact by phone and the computer. But it is not the same as calling in and having a cup of tea and a chat.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful, special friends with a history together is more about feeling than words. I recently got together with 3 of mine from around the globe in Albury of all places. Unfortunately a funeral brought us together, but the 2 days, despite the tears were so wonderful. Enjoy your time with them :)

Lena said...

I miss you too, sweetie. And I am really looking forward to seeing you all. We have to have a new photo taken though - those sunglasses, so out of fashion!