Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The obligatory bimonthly trip to IKEA was yesterday. This trip the only item not on my list purchased was fabric and really, that is a necessity isn't it.
Frames are always on list, but this time I bought white and I love the look. Pictures on the walls makes me happy, along with fresh flowers, which now tulips are back in season I must start buying again. We have a lot on the wall, but still lots of space which calls for some larger pieces. I have a couple of original pieces waiting to be framed but they demand professional framing and it's so expensive. One piece, an original painting on paper by a dear friend, the last quote I got was over $300. I love the piece, but find it hard to figure the framing in and we've had it in a tube for literally, years.
The pieces in this photo aren't original, although I would love one - you can find them here.


Sandy said...

I love the drawings and frames. I love Ikea frames, best deals around. I framed a rather large limited edition print a while back. The frame cost more than the beautiful piece of art, but I guess in the end, it's better framed than sitting somewhere collecting dust. In my new house, I will hang more of my own art.

Kym said...

Aaahh ... I'm glad we're not the only household with rolled up pictures waiting for framing.

You're quilt looks beautiful too! Another thing that's on my very long to-do list.