Sunday, May 17, 2009


Maroondah, that is. The idea was for a bbbq breakfast, but with very fine but very wet dampening our spirits we changed to take away coffees and delish pastries from Giant Steps.

We jumped in puddles, we threw stones in rivers, played inside child size houses, took self portraits, climbed steps and called "cooooo-eeee". A great place for a weekend romp. Be sure to take your gumboots!


Kellie H said...

The rainboats are cute at that!!! also coffee & pastries is a good end to any day for me!! =)

Angie said...

sounds like a great day

beemade said...

Love the first photo..soo natural..nice!

Little Min said...

What a stunning family!

I have vague memories of doing the same thing at the same place although I'm sure we didn't have quite as much fun!

Lena said...

Absolutely love the photos.