Tuesday, January 27, 2009

No Heirloom Salad yet

This year I am growing 6 different types of tomatoes and had envisaged a gorgeous tomato salad, with different colours, shapes and sizes. My plants are full of fruit, but they're not very big and are slow to colour. I know I shouldn't complain, green fingered friends all over say it's a bad year for tomatoes. My mother has kept friends and family in tomatoes from November through to March, always, this year she has one plant - nothing took off (she grows from seed), the garden looks very barren.

So whilst I do not have my heirloom salad on a plate tonight, I am pleased with what we gathered this afternoon. The top photo could be deceiving, so a child of 2 year old proportions is below so it can be seen that I'm not bragging.


Christelle said...

They look so fresh to me!

Pina said...

You are lucky to have any tomatoes at all, I have to pull out the plants every year just before they start to ripen, due to some kind of disease.
Mmm, I wouldn't mind eating one of those in the picture.

Tamsin said...

You're doing well...feel free to brag! Our tomatoes are slow too this year - lots of green fruit, but ripening has been non existent so far. Hopefully there'll be some movement this week - there's got to be some upside to a hellish week of 40 degrees!

Sandy said...

They look fabulous. I'm sure you'll have plenty more on the way. The heat must be so hard. I've been reading in the paper about how the tennis players at the Australian Open are having a rough time. Looks like you are doing plenty with the girls while staying indoors.

LeatherneckJoe said...

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beemade said...

Lucky family..
Beautiful pics..
BEEMADE in English for you today..welcome!