Monday, November 19, 2007

Into the Blue

Another of my Ella dolls has been purchased from my etsy shop! I'm so thrilled. I know that some of you manage to sell things quite regularly, but I'm still new to this game and find the idea that someone buys something I've made quite exhilarating. She's now on her way to NZ and is to be the birthday present for a little girl and I so hope that she adores her when she opens the wrapping.

I'd love the little shop I have to take off andwonder what I can do to promote it more than I do. I have thought of more aggressive I guess, for lack of a better term, ideas, but am not sure that really fits my life at the moment. For example there are a couple of gorgeous shops I would like to see the girls in, but have no idea how selling to stores (if not on consignment) works. I just hope that people appreciate the dolls, I'd love to get more out there - but I'm content to be patient. In the meantime if you've checked them out, I'd genuinely welcome your feedback.

PS She does look a little mummylike doesn't she!

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