Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cupboards are definitely better than boxes

when it comes to childrens craft cupboards.

We're like most families living in an older house - we just don't have enough storage space - anywhere. With our recent renovations however, we now have a functioning laundry with benches and extra cupboards for all the extra stuff. Previously both my crafts and Ella's were stored in boxes which meant every time either of us wanted to do anything we had to hunt through everything to find what we were after.

Yesterday I finally managed to at least arrange Ella's cupboard and as simple as it sounds, it's already made such a difference to both of us. For me it was firstly a sense of relief at finally getting organised. Having stuff everywhere can get so exhausting, so much double handling and feeling that things are never tidy. For both of us though, it's changed our play, which has surprised me. Instead of me dictating what crafts we're going to do, which was previously the case because of all the disorganisation, Ella can now go to her cupboard and choose what she wants to do.

We had so much more fun crafting for most of the day because it wasn't me, I guess guiding, what Ella should do. She had more fun, she was more creative in her activities, more enthusiastic and it lasted longer. I've been a mum for only 4 years now and in some ways that feels so long, but in others I'm obviously still learning the most basic of things.

Next task is to organise my own cupboard beside hers - is it sad that this excites me so much?!

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