Saturday, November 24, 2007


I have come to really enjoy Pina's blog and a recent post titled "home" made me realise just how much we yearn to learn more about 'friends' who we 'meet' through these blogs we all love so much. Hers was a brief note but conveyed, to me at least, so much of her personal history.

I said to a friend recently that I tend to dismiss my own achievements, am a reluctant receiver of compliments and generally downplay anything in my life of note (excepting my two gorgeous girls). When I stop to think though, I have actually done a lot, or perhaps more seen a lot in my time. Because I enjoyed Pina's post so much, because I thought perhaps others may be interested to learn more of me (although harking back to earlier I don't assume anyone is reading) I'm going to do a brief summary of my life thus far.

1969 born in Northern England.
1971 emigrated to Australia with parents and 3 older brothers.
Life passed happily - stories may perhaps come later as I'm going to skip forward to my life, or at least the one where I started to be responsible for my own choices.
1992 left Australia for Canada following an Australian boyfriend of 2 years. Got to Canada and promptly fell in love with a gorgeous Canadian.
1993 back in Australia and soon after the Canadian followed.
1994 back travelling through the US and Canada, back with the gorgeous Canadian but didn't turn out to be.
1995 back in Australia - new boyfriend after returning from overseas.
1998 new boyfriend turns into husband.
End of 1998 move to the UK.
July of 2003, 6 months pregnant with first child return to Australia to deliver via 6 weeks of hiking in the US - Zion, Grand Canyon, Yosemite.
1st daughter born in October 2003.
Buy first home in July 2004.
2nd daughter born in January 2007.
I'm 38.

When I put it like that it doesn't sound so cool after all! I must elaborate more at some point - make myself sound more interesting!


Pina said...

:) I do find it interesting!
I probably won't post this list in my blog but I was traveling around Europe in 1994 when I met a guy I fell for and almost moved to the UK where he lived. Eventually I met that beautiful young man in 1995 and he became my husband in 1997. I was traveling around USA in 2001 and lost the love of my life in 2003 due to being too boring (or who knows why). Since then I keep looking back at my life and wondering if I have achieved anything at all.
We can make such lists but it is the time in between which matters most. Your post really made me think about it all.

Lindsay said...

Where about in the UK did you live Victoria? We lived in Sydney for 18 months after we got married in 2004. We had a wonderful warehouse apartment on Bourke St and it was the best, best time. I loved living there!

13mimosa said...

Small world isn't it! We lived in Maida Vale, on Maida Vale just down from the Warwick Avenue shops at Little Venice. Such an amazing time in our lives too. It's funny but we didn't considering staying with children - I wonder how it would have been?