Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Baby it's Hot Outside

38C today, too hot to be outside, in the park, anywhere but in the cool of a darkened house. Crafts call today.

So far we've started on our Christmas card swap and after a little tweaking (Ella wants to include a homemade bracelet with each one ...) we'll just be waiting on our names and addresses to send them into the world.

This afternoon we're going to make some little books - an idea that I hadn't thought of before, but I so love keeping all Ella's special little pictures, having them in one book is a wonderful idea.

Tomorrow I start painting with my dad, renovations are almost finished (the verandah is being done as we speak) and now it's time to really finish the dressing of everywhere. Christmas is upon us and as we're hosting this year it would be nice to have everything done before then - here's hoping!

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Pina said...

I wish we could swap the weather for a day. :)