Sunday, August 19, 2012


Mullum Mullum or Yarran Dheran, depending on which way you look at it.  Our local area has some gorgeous walks and I want us to make a concerted effort to make more of them.  I just finished the book WILD by Cheryl Strayed.  My oh my, talk about inspiration.  Of course my reality is, as I've just mentioned, Mullum Mullum, but it reminded me of aspirations born many years ago.

In 1984 I was travelling on my own through the US and Canada, after having lived in Canada during 1991/92.  I was with family in New Hampshire and hiked from the base to the top of Mt Washington with a cousin of mine.  It was an incredible walk, going through many different landscapes, ending with a challenging climb over scree for the last section of the climb, 1917m high at the summit.  We stayed here the night before and met plenty of the type of characters mentioned in the book, although I guess the thru hikers were way above us staying in huts on the trail.  It was here that I first heard of the AMT and wondered if there would ever be a time in my life when I could achieve such a goal.

I'm not a marathon runner, but I feel I could well be a marathon walker.  I can manage endurance without fear, but speed is not my thing.  Cheryl wrote of her experience on the PCT and it made my skin tingle with excitement at the thought of it.

I hiked a lot when I was younger, sometimes reluctantly, but a Landscape Architect boyfriend, skier, hiker and general outdoor lunatic, would drag me along and I'm glad he did.  I'm keen to have the girls walk more with us, they're young and can become stronger, so there's no reason why not.  I want us to do something once a month, something of substance and if I commit to it here it's motivation to follow through.


Jo said...

So nice to have that right in our back-garden isn't it. We often head down there, Cam and I enjoy a walk, and the kids a ride. Works out well for all.

Maybe we'll run into you one day :)

kristi said...

your so lovely...always striving. x

Kiki said...

That's a great idea, lately we've been doing a few more walks in the rainforests that surround us. It's a much better way to spend a Sunday then just sitting about. Mind you, it has to be after a coffee.

I love that pic of the girls, it reminds me of the love my girls show for each other (most of the time).