Saturday, August 11, 2012


We were to be away on our annual outlaws offsite this weekend.  Last minute one of my nephews was scheduled to have a football injury (broken nose) re-broken and set yesterday - all well there.  Then in the afternoon my dear FIL realised he had a detached retina.  Bluriness followed by loss of sight.

About 19 years ago, just before I met Geoff,  my FIL lost the sight in his "bad eye" after complications following an operation to repair ..... a detached retina.  Understandably we're all very anxious.  Ian has come through the operation as well as can be expected, with a different specialist surgeon I might add, and is home.  There is now a two week wait where he will be completely in the dark until his eye is tested to see if the operation has been successful.

The remainder of the family, those not out of action, will meet and share the meal we all pitched in to prepare for tonight, but here in Melbourne.  From our end, a homemade lemon tart with a Grand Marnier soused citrus salad.


Sarah said...

Oh that looks good.

I hope you all still go on the get away - soon.

Crossing fingers and toes your FIL all goes back to as good as before...

CC said...

That is a beautiful looking citrus salad. Love the colours.

Hope the patients both recover well.