Tuesday, August 07, 2012


My new toy.  It's a little old fashioned, which I hear is in now, and definitely not the fastest on the block.  It's upright, meaning those with dodgey backs can sit comfortably.  All it's lacking is the wicker basket at the front filled with champagne, a baguette and a bunch of flowers, and that's coming.


Julia said...

Gorgeous - and its yellow! I love yellow at the moment. You're right, it needs a basket full of yummy things. How wonderful...now you just need to be in the south of France riding it. x

Sandy said...

That's the kind of bike I've been wanting myself. I call it the "leisure" bike. I've been riding a lot this summer around the neighborhood with the children on my college mountain bike. It's not very comfortable anymore or it may be that I am getting older.

Have fun riding your lovely new bicycle!