Monday, August 08, 2011


This is the smell of summer for me, completely, and like no other. Buddleia is not the most beautiful of plants, quite scraggy and prone to drooping, but I find the smell as evocative of summer as jasmine. It's a mix between earl grey tea with a faint daphne-like perfume mixed in, probaby stronger when you smell it on the breeze than when you sniff it up close. I remember my childhood in Mimosa Road, playing under a tree at the very back of our yard, making mud houses out of stones for my barbies and digging a hole in the ground, lining it with a rubbish bag and filling it with water to make a pool. I remember lying inside our dog Bruce's kennel and cuddling up to him. I remember snapdragons near the garage which had a mechanics pit in the floor which freaked me out no end. I remember dropping an old fashioned themometer on the floor and pushing the mercury around with a stick, watching it clump and roll.

I remember the smell though, strongest of all, that smell takes me back to that place, to all those moments, to those memories, in but an instant.


Julia said...

Daphne does that for me. x

Leah said...

Round my parents place springtime is made of freesias, jasmine and violets. A heavenly trifecta.

Kristi said...

ah the title of your blog is your childhood street. place those flowers all over you home if it helps you fell comfort right now.