Sunday, June 20, 2010


Last night we took the girls to the Winter Solstice party at the Collingwood Childrens Farm. It wasn't an overall success.

The place was absolutely rammed, take a normal market Saturday and multiply by 5! Parking was a nightmare, we were meeting friends there and in the end didn't even find each other. The queues for food and drink were crazy and they ran out before we reached the front.

I'm sounding miserable I know, but when you get organised with the kids and it doesn't work out, so frustrating. The bonfire was amazing though - the highlight by far. Perhaps next year we'll have our own at home and get the cozy feel we were looking for - with a much smaller fire.


mrs boo radley said...

Incredible fire! Great shots!
Hope you find your friends next time. ;)

Sandy said...

Sorry the evening didn't go smoothly. The fire shots are amazing.

LJ said...

Sorry to hear that your night didn't turn out like you had planned. But you did get some amazing photos!! Doing your own night with friends sounds like fun, & at least you know you don't have to queue for food and fight a crowd!

Jo said...

so disappointing for you... we went and had a b.l.a.s.t... everything, the food, the performers, our possie and the fire, all excellent. Funny how the same event can be such a different experience for everyone. ~ only if you are interested (c:

Jasmine said...

Wow, your pictures looking great! We nearly headed in to the children's farm too but settled for a lantern parade in the hills instead. Perhaps we made the right move!