Tuesday, June 01, 2010


One of our winter vegetable plantings is broccolini. The regular broccoli has done so well the last few years and broccolini is soooo expensive, we thought, why not! Last week, while watching Italian Food Safari, I watched as one of the guests picked Cime di Rapa from their garden. Hang on a second, I thought, that looks a heck of a lot like our brocolinni. Over in Healesville my parents, watching the show at the same time, having planted the same "broccolini" seeds, were thinking the same thing!

So tonight we're having orecchiette with cime di rapa and we'll see. I'm still not 100% convinced as none of the posts I found referred to the prickly undersides of the leaves ..... They do taste like a cross between strong rocket and spinach raw, so I'm pretty sure we'll be here tomorrow ....

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