Saturday, March 27, 2010


In my mind this isn't a post, but an accouncement of absolute frustration. We were without a computer earlier in the month, then received our new super fast, super upgraded model, only to eat our internet allowance earlier than every before around the 16th of the month. As a result we are timing out on everything we want to do, bar email. My gosh, it's really surprised me how isolating I've found the whole experience, I'm so used to having "the world" one click of a mouse away.

So, after the 1st of the month there will be an absolute avalanche of posts including completed projects, amazing baked goods, visits from overseas loved ones and Easter festivities. I hope you're all well in the meantime, I'd like to say I'd been watching you, but I can't even do that!


Jo said...

and I have noticed how quiet it's been over here too, glad that everything is ok though! Looking forward to 'seeing' you again on the first.

Anonymous said...

I have missed you, and have been meaning to make contact by alternate means, so am very pleased to hear it's all allowance related and not your health.
Awaiting April!


CC said...

Glad to hear you're ok, too. Bugger about the internet allowance. I know I haven't enjoyed the times when the computer and/or internet have melted down. Looking forward to you coming back on the 1st.

Lena said...

I have missed you very much - I love looking at your blog, reading what you have been up to. I know, I could actually grab the phone, but... Looking forward to April, which is tomorrow!!!!