Sunday, March 07, 2010


This morning Geoff and I went to get bread for breakfast, just the two of us. On the rare occasions when we do get to do normal things without the girls, it really feels that we're stealing a wonderful moment together. We went here to get the bread (which is always amazing by the way) and stayed to have a quick coffee. They have an old Space Invaders style game, and it's free play! We had a quick game of Galaga (which I won!) and honestly, what a hoot. I think we were probably gone maybe 20 minutes, but that's long enough to be reminded of all the things we sometimes forget about the one we love most.


Violet and Rose said...

My fave! Just a little bit jealous.

Kiki said...

Ohhhh what delicious bread!
This is exactly what I feel like eating right now. Our weather is so nice today, a little overcast and the air is cool. One would say....a perfect eating day :)

Sandy said...

Those are lovely moments aren't they when you can spend alone time with your husband. It is a rarity for us as well.