Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Because she's so kind

a lovely parcel arrived with this morning's mail bringing a smile to my face. Pina sent me the most gorgeous parcel with some handmade goodness for me and my lovely girls, as well as some Slovenian goodness!

Pina is very interested and passionate about the history and beliefs of the native American Indians and she made me a beautiful dreamcatcher. She sweetly said she felt sure I had sweet dreams already, but here was something to aid in ensuring that they kept coming. It's gorgeous, so fragile, but sturdy - if the contradiction makes sense to you. It's now hanging on the picture wall which faces Geoff and I as we lie in bed. The wall is covered with pictures of the two of us and the girls (who hold most of our lives dreams) so an apt place for it to live. The girls also received a beautiful bath mit each with a lovely bird (which won't go swimming in the bath) attached (that's not even mentioning the chocolate and a little cook book).

If you haven't had a look at Pina's blog, you should. Not only is she a very generous, compassionate and kind person - she's very interested and interesting, takes great photos and should be employed as a full time staff member for the Slovenian tourism board! Thank you - so much xx

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Pina said...

...and this post brings smile on my face. I am so happy that you have received the package. :)