Thursday, September 20, 2007

House Eats Cash

I know this isn't news to some of you, but as this is our first home and we've only been here for just 3 years, we're still surprised by what a hungry beast this homeowning business is. Thankfully ours isn't a house that demands you spend cash because it's falling down, more because you can no longer stand the daggy cabinets and manky laundry.

Last weekend we stripped out the kitchen, toilet and laundry and when we reached the end of that long day we all felt quite vulnerable we were so tired. We're so lucky that my dad is so go getting, is there anything he can't do? I'm going to save photos of this side things until they're completed - the in progress shots I'll save you all from.

The girls and I decamped to my parents for most of this week where all around the grapevines are bursting into leaf. While we enjoyed coffees and lunches out poor dad was left home in a semi demolished house and the builder forget to turn the gas back on so it was without heating and no stove either. Things look a little less crazy today and tonight there will be more than a frozen dinner waiting for him.

Both the girls also seem to have missed their home space, although were perfectly content at nan and pa's. They play so gorgeously alongside each other, most often in big sister's room. Leila is starting to want to get in on whatever Ella's doing which frustrates big sister a little but golly gosh she's so terribly patient with her baby sister. It makes me so proud to see how good she is with her, so loving and generous. We have been very lucky with how much they've loved each from the day dot, it doesn't seem to be a given for all families but in ours the girls just adore each other and we them.

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