Saturday, September 22, 2007

Breakfast at 'netti's

Those of you not local to me will most probably not have heard of Brunettis, but should you ever come to town, be sure to look it up. The coffee is fantastic, the cakes, pastries and biscuits amazing and the experience never disappoints. The two biggest girls in this house love going there although dad would probably be happy to vary our breakfast venue occasionally! I always have two cafe lattes and two cornetto con marmelatto. Ella has the custard bomboloni and a baby cino and dad goes for something cooked and spicy. There is gelati to tempt and take home treats for later.

Leila isn't quite into it, only nibbling and dropping tit bits on the floor and was more interested in bothering Olive when we got home. Gorgeous weather here - hope it is where you are too. Today is a relaxation day and tomorrow we are tackling the destruction of our bathroom - I'm over it already!

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