Friday, September 21, 2007

A First for Me

What first was it you may ask. On the weekend I decided Leila could try some custard so I bought some custard powder and she loved it - why wouldn't you? Today I was looking at the box and for who knows what reason I was pulled in a direction I have never experienced before - I was drawn towards a recipe on the side of the custard powder box! I admit I am a little bit of a food snob and would never normally even consider a recipe of this sort. Perhaps I've read too many of the likes that appear on a Just Right cereal box here (Just Right is a combination of dried fruits, oat flakes, rice puffs etc) for Just Right Meatloaf! It's as simple as a regular meatloaf recipe with onions, meat, seasonings and a cup of Just Right!

Anyway, today we decided to give it a whirl and voila, a plate full of custard creams! Now, however, I don't fancy them. Does anyone else experience that? I enjoy the making but when it's done I'm not that interested in eating them. Ella, however, would gladly devour the plateful if given half a chance.

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amisha said...

hi there victoria! sorry i could not respond via email (argh... blogger + their lack of including email w/ comments) but wanted to say thank you for your lovely comments on my blog :) so nice to meet you + thank you for stopping by!