Friday, July 12, 2013


Our girls are really very good, loving towards each other for the most part, not unkind.  Today though, they were bugging each other and as a result bugging me.  Fresh air was called for.

The large park and oval near us, sun shining, we had water and fruit, a basketball and our badminton set.  As per usual we ended up spending most of our time at the Hansel & Gretel tree.  Leila trying to make smoke with her sticks, Ella preparing the teepee wood.  Wouldn't it be fun if we could REALLY make a fire Mum.  I tried to make smoke in the wildnerness way, a stick into a softer piece of bark, Indian style, rubbing the stick between your hands, waiting for smoke to appear in the part where it was spinning. It did get hot, but alas no flame.

We watched a dog playing chasey with a swallow.  The bird could have easily flown away, but instead dipped and wove in and so close to the dog, he shaking his tail like crazy, both of them engaged in a good half hour of fun, I assume for both.

I watched a mother I know distantly from kinder watching her three young school age sons playing kick to kick footy.  At one point her middle son pushed over the younger brother and kicked him, hard, in the back.  You little s**t she screamed at the top of her voice.  You do that again and I'll lock you in the car.  The girls and I agreed that boys, gosh, what would you do with boys, particularly that boy.

Two hours later, having snoozed in the sun, played house, toasted fictional mashmallows, danced the tango, played basketball and badminton, we walked home again.  Squabbles long forgotten, fresh air having blown away all the antsy feelings.  Sometimes, actually most of the time, you always feel better with a little fresh air.


Jo said...

I looked at that first picture and though... fire! I have just ordered a book called, 50 Dangerous Things (you should let your children do) one was play with fire, and another, drive the car. I was so inspired to let them explore these things. My mum used to let us build mini-fires on the hearth of our camp fire during summer holidays, and I'm planning on letting ours explore this amazing phenomenon this coming summer season. You should join us for a few days, your girls would love it there I'm sure!... Glad that you enjoyed some fresh air with yours, I had the grumps today and as a consequence am now enjoying a chardy! fresh air would probably have been the wiser choice *lol*... I'll email you over the wend. x

Kristi said...

my boys can be like that, truly. boys are physical and competitive. it makes me sad when people see boys act this way and then get the impression that boys are difficult. it is a small part of who they are and a tiny part of who they will become. it takes time for them to learn their strength and even more time to control it. x