Wednesday, July 10, 2013


We went to stock up on supplies with my folks.  The Medi Deli called and we went.

I have gotten out of the habit of taking the camera with me when we go out.  When the girls were younger it was always in my bag with nappies and snacks, now I'm out of the habit.  Perhaps because it's holidays I remembered to throw it in.

Ella and I walked the aisles, same as they always are, her snapping on her dad's old iphone, me on the camera.  We had such fun, oblivious for the most part to the signs saying "No photography or video recording without express permission of the management".  We'd already taken many snaps by then and really, What??!!

I said to Ella that I would love to come back when the store is empty, there's something about the orderly presentation, but also the monotony of the aisles that I find really appealing.  I feel that would only be increased if the place were empty, perhaps only emergency lights on ...  These images put me in mind of the supermarket scene from Fantastic Mr Fox and also of a photograph Jo took for her first portfolio.  The most mundane things can sometimes be so pleasing.

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