Sunday, May 05, 2013


I've fancied making it to the Cider Festival for the past few years and we finally got organised today.  With friends in tow we drove to Kellybrook, made sure to get there at the start of the day and enjoyed it all before the crowds got too crazy.

Perfect autumn morning, crisp and cold even, but sunny and dry.  The setting is gorgeous and I'd love to go back for a meal at the restaurant, positioned perfectly at the top of the winery site.  Great set out, with areas to sit in, face painting and balloons for the kids, delicious cider for the parents, good food.

I had a lovely time, we all did, and a photo of me that isn't too far from capturing me as I feel I really look!  Ahh what a view, I've had my afternoon coffee and imagined how lovely it would be to sit and enjoy it from the verandah with those vines below me.  Perhaps one day.


Sandy said...

Lovely photos, V.

Julia said...

Great captures of what looks like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Love the pic of you. You're right it is a true representation of yourself - beautiful. Love your cowl too! x