Monday, November 15, 2010


Poor babe, we just seem to get over one hurdle and another presents itself. Last week we had two nights in a row of extreme nightmares, shaking in her boots nightmares. Now, we a result, is an inability to be away from me, at any time. I can't move a foot left or right without my shadow literally hanging onto my pants. As I type this she's fallen asleep on my lap waiting for me to come and sit with her in the lounge. She's snoring quite loudly.

I need to remember to slow down with this babe. When there was only one child it was easy to lose a day to a temperature, a downhearted mood, but with two, school runs, working part time, I find that so much harder to do. I guess it's because all the other stuff (the washing, the cooking, the work), if I don't do it, then I find that gets me down. As middle aged as I know this sounds, a clean tidy house makes me feel clean and tidy too!

However, for now I'm going to carry this snoring child, sit in the lounge with her hopefully asleep at my side, spit the pips on the few remaining cherries and work quietly on these.


flamehair said...

Oh I feel badly for your little one. :( I never grew out of night terrors and still have them now. Sometimes I can even feel when I am going to have a bad night and opt to sleep on the air bed in the play room. Saves my husband being woken by me kicking and screaming all night.

Kiki said...

These blondies of ours are so similar it haunts me at times. Mine has been really close by of late too.

I hope she feels better now after her snooze and WOW to the cherries, I wish I had seen this post before I went out for groceries this afternoon.

Kristi said...

oh that poor babe...hold her tight.

ps. i saw that winter coat ornament a week ago and gasped.

PlumStitches said...

oh, hope she gets over that soon!