Saturday, September 25, 2010


Leila settling into holiday mode

Funny things holidays, we don't take enough of them. I have often wondered how/why our society has developed in such a way that the greater emphasis is on working than on relaxation. I have always thought that we should work three days and relax for four of every week. This isn't a new thought of mine, it's one I have often, but most often after a holiday.

Ella on a cruise out to the Great Barrier Reef

I don't think I'm alone in that I feel the strain of life on this little family of mine. It's not a simple case of work less, though that is a big part of it. It's the desire for a more balanced life (there's that word again), for everything to be given the importance it deserves, for all the individuals within the family to feel acknowledged, valued and creatively challenged and rewarded.

A good match in our equally silly hats

I never want to lower my expectations, never want to stop wanting more. I know that I can be a frustrating person at times, for those nearest to me, for all my dreaming and thinking constantly of all that could be. I just feel more and more that time is of the essence, a cliche but so so true. For many reasons I guess, parents of friends passing, children ever growing, you can't take things for granted.

Star apple, black sapote, red papaya and mango

For me it's a time when I yet again start to dream my little dream and believe more and more that it's achievable and that I should be making it a reality. Holidays are like that for me, a time when my already active mind goes into overdrive with all the possibilities, albeit in a relaxed way.

Tropical blooms at Rusty's market in Cairns

Soursop, raspberry & wattleseed icecream at the Daintree Icecream Company

A holiday doesn't need to be a flight somewhere and a stay at a resort, however lovely. Often a weekend somewhere low key, a single night away, a change of scenery and just focussing on the being together is enough. It's enough to recharge the battery and inspire the soul, for me at least, for us.

Mangroves at Cape Tribulation

I always say that we must do it more, go away, and we will. I like the time together and I love the time to dream. Even when one dream is eventually fulfilled, I know there will be another dream and challenge to take its place.

Smooching on Coconut Beach


Kristi said...

beauty. full. post.

Kristi said...

i forgot to say i love ella's dress...that print is so cute.

CC said...

Beautiful photos. Looks like a lovely time was had by all. Yes, that ever elusive balance... At this stage I am happy even with one day or a weekend when we are both not working and we can poke around the house, go for a walk or drive, cook something with the kids...

Kiki said...

Woman, you always say what I'm thinking! These are lovely images - you couldn't have summarised the word holiday any better.


two little buttons said...

you always blog what i am thinking, and you say it so much better than i can..
it looks like you all had a wondeful time. i cant wait for our next holiday in the sun...

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Julia said...

What a lovely holiday. What a beautiful family you have. With the sun warming your soul and your loved ones near, you couldn't help but be dreaming of how to spend more down time together. I feel the same - I always remember how funny my husband is when he's away from the stress of work. And how much love there is between us when we have some time together. And how lovely our kids are...etc, etc, etc. x