Friday, September 03, 2010


I think that the greatest gift you can give your children is your time. Most children crave the company, the companionship of their parents. Of course it's not always easy to relax into that company, into a rythmn that works for everyone, it's all too easy to let yourself be distracted by all the other things you should be doing.

Once of my nieces has ringlet curly hair. She's always hated having it brushed and washed, it's torturous for her and for her mother. When we looked after her years ago my sister in law asked if I could please TRY and wash her hair. This was pre children of our own days, when I was only too happy to make everything a game. So, bathtime became a visit to the beauty parlour. "Good afternoon Miss Tess, it's been a long time since you came in. What are we doing to your hair today?". Something so tedious become a source of great pleasure for us both.

The girls are still unwell, but today at breakfast time we all went to the cafe together. Ella wrote up the specials, I was the short order cook and then we all ate together and ate well.

Boiled eggs are a recent fave for the girls, although only the whites, which means a little bit of fussing for me, but that's fine. The eggs shells, of course, must be turned upside down when finished and a hole made in the bottom so the witches can't float away in them. I thought this was my mum's little story as it was something they said to me as a child and in turn I say to my girls. In fact it isn't a Meade family story, it's an old folk tale, so you can feel free to use it too!


bec said...

Mine only eats the egg white, too, will only eat the yolk if I make it runny to dip the soldiers in! Funny, aren't they? Great idea for the hair brushing, though!

CC said...

So true. I love your cafe idea. I'll have to try to remember that one.

Mine will only eat the whites, too, when hardboiled (although Jack will occasionally have a go at a yolk). However, they will eat soft boiled yolks, especially with a drop of soy (which I am sure is "wrong" but it works)

Julia said...

That blackboard menu warms my heart. So, so cute. Chino - no charge. Gorgeous! Well captured. I'm sure your girls will be grateful for this blog and all you've documented on your journey as their mum. Lucky them. x

Sandy said...

Yes, I agree with giving our children time. That's why I became a stay-at-home mom. Thankfully, I am lucky to be able to spend so much time with them.

two little buttons said...

its all too easy to get caught up in the chores of day to life. having been working full time these last few weeks, i have relished the time i havehad with my boys, and you are right, its our time and attention that is the greatest gift of all. i love your cafe idea, i think i will try it next week when i am on holidays

Kristi said...

i loved your comment my crochet rock post about asking your mom to make you one of those necklaces from wren handmade. i asked my mom to make me one too, she said the same thing it was to delicate. she did finally make me one though.