Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I remember someone taking a picture of me with a Polaroid, when I was a child. I remember the amazement of it. You pulled back the paper and waited. You just waited for the image to magically appear. I still don't know how it happens and honestly, I don't need to know, it just seems like magic to me.

When I finally decided that I wanted a Polaroid of my own, I mean really decided rather than it just being on a very long wish list, it was about 2 years ago. At that time the film was no longer being produced, out of date film was going for crazy prices and the cameras themselves were selling for "new prices".

A while ago we were at a friend's house and I noticed their son playing with two cameras, Polaroids, as toys. I curtailed the squeals and at a later date asked if they'd mind if I borrowed them to see if they work. I would add that it was a few years later so it's not like I was stealing their child's favourite play thing.

So, now I have in my possession to try two Polaroid cameras. I'll have to figure out if they work (how would I know?) and get myself some film. Can't wait!


LJ said...

my folks still have a polaroid camera and Miss T just adores watching the photos come out! I hope the cameras work for you...have fun!!

a lovely evening said...

wow. you have stumbled upon two gems!! i would die for those! i have a newer polaroid, but these are just amazing. really the only way to find out if they work is to buy film. it's pricey and may be hard to find since it looks like you have older models? either way, a fantastic find. i have a website or two for film if you need it. have fun!!

two little buttons said...

wow, lucky you... i hope they work and you have lots of fun with them. i remember the magic as a child too.

Sandy said...

i have a very nice polaroid that i inherited from my mom. i have wonderful memories of it hanging around her neck as she took pictures with it. and yes, watching the film slowly become shapes and figures was magical. unfortunately, polaroid no longer carries film for the particular model i have because it is soooo old. nonetheless, i keep it as a reminder of my mother and my childhood.

Kiki said...

You lucky girl...have you been having fun?

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