Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I'm not generally an Op Shop person. I admire the things that others find, in fact I am often amazed at the things others have found and wonder, "how" and think "I should definitely do that". There's something about the smell of them though. I know that sounds awful, but the one closest to us smells more than a little musty and skanky and it's just not my thing.

I make frequent deliveries to the Op Shop, but aside from buttons generally don't even look. Today, however, for some reason, I did.

I'm also not generally a 70's fabric girl. Again it's not because I dislike them, just don't generally find myself drawn to them, or imagining what I could do with them. Another first though, today I was. I came out with 5 pillowcases, all of which remind me of my youff. I see in them a summer picnic quilt, a la Amanda Soule. Not sure there's enough yardage in these babies to make it up though, so I yet may have to search for more riches!


a lovely evening said...

oh my goodness, i feel the exact same way about thrift shops (american for op shop). the smell always gets me. which is why i can't eat stinky cheese. anyway. what great fabrics! how and when did you learn how to quilt? i would really like to learn but it seems so daunting...

Lillabilly said...

I've felt the same about fabrics like that but lately have been bitten with exactly the same bug and have started collecting pillowcases too...they seem to be easier to find than full sheets! I have yet to decide what I'll do with mine but I like the picnic blanket idea!