Monday, July 13, 2009


We had a fantastic few days away this weekend, just the four of us. We rented an amazing converted chapel in Newtead which I can't recommend enough to everyone. Of course it peed down the whole weekend, but we had Boggle, Pictionary, Guess Who, dvds and nice wine for the grown ups! I think I took some good shots, but all on my old SLR, so will have to wait for the oldfashioned prints to arrive before I can share!

The one downside, Eddie couldn't come. Did we have tears when we dropped him at the vets for this "sleepover" or what! Poor Leila cried on and off for the first 24 hours - it was really heartbreaking. We collected young Edward this morning and he seemed heavier and very happy to see us. He's now alseep on top my wips on top of my sewing machine, which I did want to use, but he's snoring so loudly I haven't the heart to wake him!

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handmade romance said...

oh no poor leila i just read the post a girl and her cat she must have felt so awful leaving again. im sure the reunion was a very happy one though. too cute x